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These are a few of the bookmarks I have collected :

The Gallery of Old Iron
Lars Poulsen IBM 360/370/3090/390 pages
Lawrence Wilkinson's IBM 360/30 Saga
IBM 360 display and Stanford Big Iron
Columbia University Computing History
Computer History Museum 
Museam of IBM Computers
Paul Pierce's Computer Collection
All about the IBM 1130 Computing System
Dave Nichols' Place
The IBM System 360 Model 30
History of IBM
Dave's Green Card Collection
Computer Product Manuals Collection, ca. 1948 - [ongoing]
Corestore Collection - IBM Systems
The IBM 360/67 and CP/CMSIBM
Antitrust Suit Records 1950-1982
Computer Collection Library
Homage to the venerable IBM 1620 computer
IBM Advanced Computing Systems -- A Secret 1960's Supercomputer Project
IBM Stretch (7030) -- Aggressive Uniprocessor Parallelism
My IBM Career and Some Thoughts Along the Way
Computers 1966
The Secret Guide to Computers

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