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Paul Rand and IBM Logo history ... ...

When I came across this 15 stripe example and discovered it was from France, I knew we had a very unusual most definately unrecorded flavor of the IBM logo. The fact it was used in combination with the red @ trademark indicates it was created in recient years and does not date back to the 60's

The 15 Stripe Logo

And then there was the French FifteenStriper ...

In 1965, IBM set up one of its EMEA large systems production facility in Montpellier France. The reasons behind this choice were the presence of an important training network (80,000 students in Languedoc-Roussillon),  the qualifications of the regional labour force, and an evolving communication infrastructure. Currently, IBM employs numerous people and has developed a complete network of specialized local sub-contractors. It was in an announcement of this event  that I found this, the one and as far as I can tell the only, remaining example of a 15 stripe logo.  If anyone ever finds one please let me know !

The saga continued as I began searching the US Patent and Trademark office. USPTO registration info ...
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